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Why join us?

  1. The aim of the FSED is to represent the interests of schools and to protect qualified and respectful professional practice.

  2. The FSED is respectful of the artistic and methodological differences of each school and recognizes this as an asset. 

  3. The FSED works to promote meetings and collaboration between schools.

  4. The FSED offers support to school directors in their questions.

  5. The FSED puts all of its resources and relationships at the service of defending quality professional practice in dance pedagogy.

  6. Membership in the FSED is a guarantee of quality for students of member schools and its logo can be used for this purpose.

  7. The FSED offers continuing training to employees of member schools.

  8. The FSED offers joint events to support sharing and collaboration between schools but also the promotion of dance in Switzerland.

  9. The FSED strives to highlight and disseminate news from member schools in order to promote their activity.

  10. The FSED develops relationships with the various cantonal and national dance organizations.

  11. The FSED is active throughout the Swiss national territory.

  12. The FSED works closely with Danse Suisse to enable member schools to benefit from certain services and to defend the schools' point of view within certain working groups.

  13. The FSED is a partner of SUISA and allows member schools to benefit from favorable rates on royalties.

Questions ?Contact us!

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