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  1. THEdirector must have danced professionally for three years with certificates of contracts or equivalent documents or have a teaching or pedagogy diploma applied to dance.


  1. The dance school that wishes to join the FSED / VST / FSSD must have existed for at least three years and its management must be able to demonstrate that it exercises this position in a professional capacity (sufficient lucrative income from the activity of director).


  1. To be a member of the FSED / VST / FSSD the school must have its own premises specially designed for the practice of dance and provide at least fifteen hours of lessons per week (dance room: minimum 60 m2 and of sufficient height, suitable floor covering, ballet bars and mirrors, sufficient ventilation; changing rooms and sanitary facilities must meet hygiene standards). These premises, if they are not the property of the director or the school, must be the subject of a commercial lease.


  1. The school's activity must offer a so-called academic dance program (classical, character, modern/contemporary, jazz) and leisure.


  1. Each candidate school accepts a paid visit by FSED experts. The visit is organized between the school and the experts in order to present the school, its premises and its course program.

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