Admission Requirements

a) School directors are required to have danced in a professional company a minimum of three years and proof of engagement is necessary. Schools requesting admission are required to have been in existence a minimum of two years. Directors must prove that managing the school is their principal occupation.

b) In the case of a director who has not danced professionally during the required three years, if his or her school has existed for five or more years, a membership in the FSED/VST/FSSD is possible depending upon the result of a visit by a panel of qualified experts.

c) To become a member of the FSED/VST/FSSD, the school must have its own studios and offer a minimum of 15 hours of classes per week. (Appropriate studio: 60 m2 with a high ceiling, sprung floor, bars and mirrors, adequate air circulation, changing rooms with sanitary installations conforming to official codes of hygiene). Private studios must have a commercial lease.

d) Schools must propose a program of academic dance such as classical ballet, character dance, modern/contemporary or jazz dance, as well as recreational forms of dance.

e) All schools must accept a paid visit which includes a presentation of the school and its various programs. The visit is judged by a panel of experts chosen by the FSED.